What We Do

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Empowering Talents.

We believe that positive change can come through empowering diverse talents through democratizing the access to opportunities, networks and leaders and provide toolbox. To address this, we have created pioneering arenas, initiatives and a community for talents with diverse background where we focus on subject matter of expertise. Currently we have built what is now Norway's largest network and community of young leadership talents with diverse backgrounds or intercultural expertise, counting for over 650 talents from over 35 nationalities.

Some of our larger conferences:
- MAK Forum (2015), Norway's first conference on diversity, innovation and entrepreneurship
- MAK Leadership Forum (2016) - Norway's first leadership talent conference for talents with diverse backgrounds
- Innoversity (2017) with Innovation Norway
- MAK X - Building Bridges (2018). Norway's most international and diverse arena for innovation and entrepreneurship
- MAK X - Exploring New Frontiers (2019)

An overview of selected past events, workshops and receptions:

Educating Organizations.

Working with systemic change, you have to focus on educating organizations and empowering leaders in addition to working with diverse talents. We have over the last years worked on educating, empowering and equipping leaders and organizations to prepare them to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

We have worked with (selected):
- Introduction and unconscious bias trainings
- Recruitment
- Diversity and inclusion strategies
- Co-creation of new initiatives
- Solutions in addition to providing advisory services

Thought Leadership.

Part of our systems change work is to work on thought leadership, have conversations in public sphere, participate in debates and conversations, write opinion pieces and have a multi-stakeholder approach to systems change and shift of narrative from negative to positive around diversity and inclusion.

We have participated in and contributed to (selected):
- NHOs Årskonferanse
- Arendalsuken (multiple debates)
- Opinion pieces co-authored with Ministers, Executives and Leaders in E24, DN, Dagbladet and more