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MAK is Norway's leading organization working with systemic change to improve and progress diversity and inclusion for Norway and Norwegian businesses. We have access to the largest community of talents with intercultural background, we educate and support organizations and we provide thought leadership.
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MAK is the leading platform in Norway and the Nordics to accelerate and amplify the progress of diversity and inclusion.

Having a holistic and systemic approach on change and leading the national work on diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on intercultural and ethnic diversity, we are working to showcase why and how diversity can be a key competitive advantage for Norway and Norwegian businesses. Our core focus is on three key stakeholders to drive systemic change;
1) Empowering diverse talents, 2) Educating and leapfrogging diversity and inclusion in Organizations and 3) Re-shaping the societal narrative on why diversity is a key competitive advantage for Norway and Norwegian businesses through thought leadership and conversations.

Community and Talents

Norway's largest community of talents with diverse background. 35+ nationalities. We host events, conferences, workshops, leadership roundtables and mentorship programs.


Supporting organizations to create awareness, education, co-creation of diversity initiatives. We provide education, lectures, workshops, trainings, mentoring and other initiatives.

Society and Thought Leadership

Shifting and shaping the narrative in the society on diversity as a competitive advantage. We work with data, opinion pieces, thought leadership, debates, articles and speeches.

The MAK Community

Access to the most diverse and international pool of talents








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Institutional racism and unconscious bias continue to limit minorities' access to equal opportunities in the workplace. Together with Norway’s leading organizations for ethnic minorities, Equality Check seeks to create more transparency regarding equality and diversity in the workplace. Change happens when enough people raise their voice. Join the movement by leaving a review about your workplace today!
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Scale, innovate and learn.
The diversity dilemma for businesses.

Norwegian businesses and organizations face two parallel challenges. On one side, organizations need to work on increasing and expanding the representation of diversity and inclusion in leadership roles and boards through providing equitable opportunities for all because it’s the right thing to do, and on the other side, working to be able to optimally utilize the resources and the expertise of a diverse workforce to create a competitive advantage. These are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We believe that through increasing the levels of diversity, and through leading diversity, organizations can build a clear competitive advantage. This is supported by multiple research papers.

We aim to work by contributing to creating a positive influence and set the agenda through increasing the competitiveness of Norway, Norwegian businesses and organizations. Following our mission, our initiatives are intended as platform resources to enhance employee awareness and advance diversity efforts within your organization. It provides you with perspectives and best practices to accelerate business success in today’s marketplace through diversity and inclusion.

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